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To start your sea adventure you must visit any Runescape port
Talk to Veliaf Hertz at Burg de Rott. Your help is required to finally take the fight against Drakan. You might suggest using the power of vampyres that have high levels of power to take revenge on Vanstrom Klaus RS3 Accounts. Although I'm flattered, it won't be necessary. You see, Vanstrom was.... A cutscene will take you to the castle in Meyerditch. It's not Drakan's Castle. It has juvinates everywhere. Fired!

Yes Vanstrom, it is true that you've lost touch. You didn't do anything to free souls from Mort Myre, not even after the druid had died. Then, souls began to leave Mort ton. The Myreque was killed by you. The Myreque was alive, however you managed to escape through an obvious ploy. The same person who killed Draynor or Dessous. Are you the one? A vyre, yes it was dead. More are in the pipeline. Their souls will be freed.

You must have made an error. It's the fault of [yourand your] who allowed it to be able to escape. Vanstrom, Vanstrom, your father is angry. Your post as head of enforcement is being taken over by Charos. Charos will take over your place. From now on, you will be the one in charge of securing our public vault.

You can see that Vanstrom is no threat. Charos is. I don't suppose you know anything about Charos OSRS Fire Cape Buy? Charos? Vail! I've just been informed that there's a huge vampyre out Canifis calling for [your name]. My Ivandis Flail is ready.

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