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2011 Offseason
i bleed green Wrote:
Chip Wrote:Craziest goalie since Tuukka Rask.

Boston Tuukka risk by substituting Tuukka Rask, but Tuukka Rask tuukka a fit and then he tuukka seat on the bench.

It was fun trying to read that without any coffee yet...
Yahoo fantasy hockey is open, the season is getting close...

New goalie masks are being unveiled.

[Image: goalie_mask_turns_mighty_ducks_into_gunc..._birds.jpg]
[Image: goalie_mask_turns_mighty_ducks_into_gunc..._birds.jpg]
I will get the Yahoo league up and running today.

That is a bad ass motherfucking mask.
I was a Little League superstar, don't hate.

Dudebro #5 on the Rich Davis poll and Dudebro #11 on the Steve Covino Poll.  Former Dudebro #18.
[Image: 1square07.jpg][Image: 1square01.jpg]
That mask is Sweeet!
Just because someone can call me Mom now doesn't mean I am gonna be Betty Freakin Cocker and bake any pies.
Beckster is the new Dexter
[Image: HjcA4.jpg]

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