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Buy a new car get an AK-47
I don't know man. I'm all for the right to bear arms, but i think it's this type of stuff that hurts responsible gun owners by making them look like nuts.

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At a car dealership in Florida, if you buy a new car, you get a voucher good for a free AK-47.

Aside from the politics, I'm not spending $30k to get a free $800 gun anyway.
Good luck convincing your wife to let you buy a new truck, let alone a new gun on top of it? AND, (They're supposedly doing it to honor Veteran's day), U.S. Troops shoot AR's. :riot: .... Weak
After :beer: burp.. thinkin about this for a sec. Since it's in florida, it made me think. What if it's for Drug dealers to come in and buy cars cash, or send somebody to do the paperwork for them, and get more AK's on the street registered under fake names??

maybe i'm :deadhorse: , but i never take anything at face value.
if I was on the fence between a few cars, this would definite LEE make me choose the car with the free AK. I wonder wich country manufactured it? The better quality ones are made in Russia, Czech ones are decent too. The ones made in Jordan suck.
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